Selfie Taking Robots Attend Events So You Don’t Have To

Apr 1, 2019 | Uncategorised

Software company Helm Tickets is aiming to revolutionise how you attend festivals.

Helm Attend is an interactive, telepresence robot, which enables anyone around the world, no matter their location, to experience events in an entirely new way.

The goal of Helm Attend is to completely eliminate the physical aspect of experiencing festivals, by attending events virtually.

Users of Helm Attend will be able to LOL, take selfies, and live stream to other attendees, with just a simple press of a button and zero human interaction. Attendees will be able to experience events from around the world without leaving their screen or the comfort of their own home. With social sharing enabled, their Helm Attend robot will even be able to share the entire festival on Instagram live and Facebook live.

With this functionality built in, Helm Attend users can assure their online presence is carefully looked after. Ensuring maximum likes and views without the need for the muddy, foul and smelly experience that comes with attending festivals. Why spend a week covered in desert dust at Burning Man when a robot can do it for you? Why spend 3 days without showering at Glastonbury just to tell everyone on social media you went? These are the important questions that Helm Attend is answering.

What’s the point in attending a festival if no-one online knows you’ve been? This product is great!

One social media influencer, Walter Harris, was delighted that he ”would no longer have to spend 3 days covered in mud” now that “a robot can attend the event and share it on Instagram for me”.

Walter went on to say “What’s the point in attending a festival if no-one online knows you’ve been? This product is great!”

    Event-goer Helen Brown was excited about the prospect of a “robot doing all the hard work for me” and that she could now “focus on finding more events that I can say I’ve been to” to increase her social notoriety.

    Even after a Helm Attend robot has attended an event, you can expect to be sent the festival “attendance” wristband to add to your collection. As a special introductory offer, some organisers even offer a free “pre-worn” event wristband to ensure your dedication to the festival is not questioned.

    In testing, the Helm Attend team have seen incredible results, with the Helm Attend robots making thousands of social media influencers seem relevant. During 3-day long tests, (around 52.74 active hours) there were over 2001 followings and all live streams, in total were viewed by nearly 54,002 people.

    The product is due to launch on 1st April 2021, to coincide with April Fools’ Day post traffic!

    Charlotte Allkins | Marketing Assistant

    Charlotte is the Marketing Assistant for Helm, coming from a design background she loves creating all types of content. Discover more of her blogs, as well as, many others here!


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