Pay by invoice now available

Organisers and customers can now raise invoices for tickets. When creating or editing an event, you can choose to allow invoice payments and set your own deadline for payment – between 1 and 4 weeks.

The functionality is currently only available upon request, so get in touch today to have it enabled on your account.

More flexible payments
Customers can choose to pay by invoice or normally by card. When pay by invoice is selected, the customer will be able to send the invoice to the payer and any tickets ordered will be reserved until the invoice is paid or the payment term period has lapsed.

You can easily manage your ticket sales and cash flow by looking at the Orders page of your event, where you’ll see which orders have invoice payment pending. By using the invoice functionality, you’re able to cater to a wider audience of attendees, including businesses who may prefer to pay via invoice – or be required to internally. As well as benefitting customers, the functionality gives organisers more control over their event – whether that’s by requiring invoice payments in certain timeframes or the ability to cancel any tickets with payment pending.

Raise an Invoice
As well as allowing customers to choose to pay by invoice, organisers can also raise invoices for attendees through the improved Offline Ticket functionality – by adding an offline ticket with the Helm Tickets invoice payment type, the customer will be sent the invoice directly.

This new functionality puts the event organiser back in control of how tickets are paid for and especially supports the selling of tickets to businesses for the B2B market. For more details about how paying by invoice works, check out our help article.

Get in touch to start receiving payments by invoice!

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