Organiser Spotlight – Breaking into the music industry with MTV

May 21, 2019 | Featured, Organiser Spotlight

MTV Music Week is turning the traditional festival format on its head with various locations across the city of Plymouth. The 4-day festival will be celebrating not just the music itself but the industry around it, exploring how it impacts art, technology, social media and everything in between. Focusing on curated events aimed at those who are interested in breaking into the music industry, as well as an array of exciting live music events.

Throughout modern history, there have been a number of events that have been said to change the music industry or at least altered the course it was on. In recent years it would appear that “popular” music seemed to change daily, if not by the hour. There are so many avenues to obtain and produce music now it can become overwhelming. One of the most influential catalysts for producing a whole new overhaul of the music industry was the creation and launch of MTV.

Music became infinitely more accessible due to MTV’s creation. It became a part of people’s homes during the ’80s. Music was no longer solely about a band’s technical ability, but about their live performances and on-stage presence. To this day, performing for MTV is still a highly sought after experience because of the doors it can open for up and coming musicians, as well as those more established.

One of the incredible musicians performing at MTV Music Week for their MTV Push Live event is Hamzaa. A singer-songwriter hailing from East London, she is breathing life back into the resurging R&B scene. She brings a level of depth and honesty to her music that resonates with her audiences. Her ability to seamlessly weave her smooth vocals with catchy guitar riffs makes her a hidden gem in the music industry.

She describes the importance and excitement of being able to perform at MTV Music Week, “I am excited to be part of it because I grew up watching MTV, that’s where I was finding new songs. I am glad to be a part of something that was really important to me when discovering music. “  

A huge part of what makes the MTV event in Plymouth so unique is its lasting legacy and influence it has on its audience. It has always offered the chance to explore and discover new sounds and genres that may have otherwise been missed. It expanded the creative boundaries and embraced and propelled technological advances. And for 2019, MTV Music Week is aiming to do just that in a tangible way with the people of Plymouth and the South West as a whole.

Since MTV’s conception, it has set the standard for pop culture and year on year expanded on what defines pop culture. It has championed both established artists and those coming through the ranks. Hamzaa goes on to explain how it feels to be backed by such a huge brand like MTV, “This is big!!! It’s a big thing to me. Some of the greatest artists in the world have been championed and have come up through MTV. This is a real privilege for me.”  

Sharing those same emotions is Young T. & Bugsey, who will be performing at the Yo! MTV Raps event, at the legendary Plymouth venue, The Hub. They stated, “It’s so sick. We used to watch MTV growing up as kids, so to be certified by them now is great.”  Expressing what it means to be performing during MTV Music Week, they said, “We are so gassed to be a part of MTV Music Week! We are super, super happy (shout out MTV!). MTV have been supporting us for a while now, and so it’s really nice to be doing this event. “

MTV Music Week epitomizes what MTV is: it’s bringing the music industry to the people in the most accessible way possible. It’s daytime events run by MTV Breaks, focus on giving young people access to expert advice by industry insiders. Encouraging its attendees to dream big, whilst aiming to give them the knowledge, tools, and experiences to make those dreams become a reality.  Whilst its evening events focus on celebrating those who have come through the ranks of MTV and introducing them to the South West audience.

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