Organiser Dashboard Update

Feb 22, 2019 | Featured

We’re creating a refreshed look for the organisers’ dashboard alongside the main website update and redesign. Following the same ideals as the main site, we’re  looking to create a platform that’s modern, clean and simple. There’ll be easier navigation to all the features that help you create, manage and promote your event, with security as the foundation of it all.

The new and improved dashboard will still host all of your favourite features, highlighting those which will help you grow and scale your event organically. Offering immediate access to all the features you may need. The update will make feature discovery simpler than ever.

The organisers’ dashboard has been designed and developed to make creating your event tickets as easy as possible. Unlike some of our main competitors, our platform is being built from the ground up with organisers’ needs at the heart of every design decision.

As Helm Tickets grows we want our organisers to be able to grow with us. In developing the new organisers’ dashboard we’re able to support that growth by making the event creation process as clean and seamless as possible.

Managing and promoting your event will now be an even smoother process with each stage offering various features for you to choose from. In ‘Manage’ you can view all your events, create memberships, update your branding, manage your 3rd party integrations and download our ticket scanning app.

    With ‘Promote’ you’ll  be able to create your embeddable event widget, promote your event listing on our event promotion platform ‘’ and visit our education centre for tips on marketing your event.

    Keeping on top of your organiser account with Helm is now easier than ever. With clear access to your billing and payments, your personal details (including VAT and tax information), any referrals you’ve created and any purchased tickets if you’re attending other events ticketed with Helm.

    We’ve been testing the new dashboard design with a number organisers and have already received positive feedback on its navigation and functionality. Describing it as being “much more streamlined and visibility is so much better.”  In regards to the layout, it was described as being “far more user-friendly”  and that “it sits well together”. 

    The updated organisers’ dashboard is set to be released in early March, so keep an eye out on our social media and in your inbox for updates on its release!

    Helm Tickets, built for event organisers by event organisers!

    Charlotte Allkins | Marketing Assistant

    Charlotte is the Marketing Assistant for Helm, coming from a design background she loves creating all types of content. Discover more of here blogs, as well as, many others here!


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