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Multi currency - GBP USB EUR AUD - Helm Tickets

Since launching our multi-currency support in August, we’ve improved the system and added support for 109 international currencies.

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Bonjour, hallo, ciao…

Organisers can now sell tickets in GBP, EUR, USD and AUD. 

The new feature comes ahead of a bigger update, which will make selling tickets internationally or in an organiser’s native currency quick, easy and secure.

In the first part of our multi currency update, organisers wishing to sell tickets in a non-GBP currency can simply register a new account and select the chosen currency.

This initial level of multi currency functionality creates the opportunity for event organisers to from around the world to use Helm Tickets, whilst allowing UK-based organisers with internationally-attended events to make ticketing more accessible for foreign delegates.

Allowing international attendees to purchase tickets in their local currency directly from your website is a great way to ensure trust and allow customers to avoid any nasty or unexpected foreign transaction charges. 

As always with Helm Tickets, we like to keep things simple – especially when it comes to booking fees. In the same way GBP fees have always been clear cut, the rates for EUR, USD and AUD follow suit. Over on our Pricing page, you can see example costs split by location (EU and Non-EU). We’ve also improved our pricing calculator to make it simpler than ever to understand your booking fees – whatever currency you’re transacting in.

If you’ve ever thought about expanding your business and taking your events global, you can now take the leap and rest easy knowing you’ll be taking the features and competitive pricing of Helm Tickets around the world!

For guidance on selling in any of the above international currencies, take a look at our helpdesk article.



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