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We’re delighted to say our memberships functionality is now in testing for some Organisers. Memberships will allow Organisers to charge a recurring fee to members whilst also giving them access to specific benefits.

Memberships are a great way to provide your attendees with free or discounted tickets, safe in the knowledge these offers will only be accessible to those with a valid membership.

The new feature will also be a great way to boost cash flow through guaranteed membership income as well as boosting the likeliness of attendance to events.

For more information on memberships and how they work click here.

You can see what else we’ve added or improved in our Release Notes.

If you’re interested in the memberships functionality – whether you’d like to be involved in testing or contacted once it’s available platform-wide, please get in touch here.



How to write a great blog for your events

Writing blogs for your event is really important when it comes to engaging your audience and marketing your event.

Blogs are essential for a variety of reasons, including helping to boost your SEO ranking (search engine optimisation), giving you plenty of content to promote on social media, and giving additional insights into your event, helping future ticket buyers make a decision on buying tickets to your event. They’re also great for adding in calls to action to help generate ticket buying leads.

Helm Tickets Is Now Offering Print Services

We’re delighted to announce that we’re launching our print services exclusively to you, our organisers! The print services available will include business cards, flyers, posters and banners, with the option of more bespoke packages available upon request!



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