How to Make Your Valentines Event One to Remember

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and whether you love it or hate it, as an event organiser, it’s a day you cannot ignore.

In 2017 Brits spent approximately £1.5 billion on Valentine’s Day. This compares to just £908 million in 2016. On average for Valentine’s day, men spend around £40 and women around £20. Couples also stated that they would rather spend money on an experience or event – like dining out for example rather than flowers, lingerie or jewellery.

This coming Valentine’s Day it is reported that a staggering 1,260,000 people are estimated to propose to their partners. With a general average of around 16% of men proposing on Valentine’s Day.

Taking all of this into consideration, February 14th is the biggest night of the year for couples to go out, and that makes it a valuable opportunity to make it extraordinary for your attendees.

To make your Valentine’s event something to remember champagne, chocolates and jewellery seem like the obvious go to’s, but creating a memorable night for the couple is worth far more according to the 2017 study.

Here are a few ideas to make your Valentine’s event one to remember and maybe even the location to “pop the question”!

Food or Wine Tasting

One of the key parts of Valentine’s Day is exciting the senses, and getting the couples in the mood for the ultimate romantic evening.

There’s a huge variety of tasting events that go on during the Valentine’s period, including the classics like wine and chocolate, luxury champagne tastings and a less classic beer and chocolate tasting.

Valentine’s Day is not exclusive to those in a relationship: offering a wine tasting for singles is a great way for singles to meet potential partners. As well as offering groups of singles something fun to do on a traditionally more couples-orientated night.

Or maybe offer an activity followed by a tasting or drinking experience. Bringing in a crowd that may not be as into the big romantic gestures but instead offering them a fun experience with a hint of romance.



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Valentine’s Pop-Up Restaurant

Valentine’s is one of the busiest nights of the year when it comes to eating out. With some couples booking in their special night months in advance, offering a pop-up restaurant experience is a great way to bring in attendees.

Setting up in an unusual venue or creating it to cater for a specific niche is the perfect way to create an extraordinary Valentine’s night for couples.

In 2018, Snickers created their own pop-up restaurant for those who were less prepared and forgot to book a table in time.

“Passers-by were invited to grab a reservation card from the van to secure a table for two at Oublie, which translated from French means ‘forgotten’”

This was for an advertising campaign, however, offering a service like this would be amazing for Valentine’s Day. You don’t need to have an alcohol licence to stage a pop-up restaurant, as long as you ask guests to bring their own bottles.

Romantic Film Screening

A romantic film is perfect for getting people in the mood for love.

The best romantic films include classics such as Casablanca, Gone With the Wind and Breakfast at Tiffany’s, as well as more modern movies such as La La Land, Moulin Rouge and About Time.

Just select a movie guaranteed to pull in the attendees, find a suitable location, and set the scene with some romantic extras like candles, chocolate and maybe some popcorn to share.

Vintage Valentine’s at The Movies, for example, will stage a showing of Casablanca at Cork City’s beautiful Ambassador Hotel. It’s sweetening the deal with inclusive popcorn, chocolates and choice of wine, beer or soft drink.

Valentine’s Comedy Night

Hosting a comedy night is the best way to bring in both couples and singles. Everyone enjoys a good bit of comedy and Valentine’s can provide a wealth of material for comics coming into the event.

You can even include dinner and drinks as part of a complete package depending on the location or again, just offering those bespoke Valentine’s extra can help bring in those extra attendees.

If comedy isn’t your thing, there are a variety of other experiences that could be Valentine’s themed. For example a cabaret or burlesque evening, or even a drag queen night, which is always a favourite for singles heading out for Valentine’s.

There are a plethora of Valentine’s Day experiences and events you can offer potential attendees. With spending only looking to increase in 2019, it’s the perfect opportunity to offer something more than the traditional Valentine’s classics. These are just a few of experiences that you could offer couples looking for a romantic evening or singles looking to head out and meet someone or just have a great night out. If you’re looking to create something really different, look into Valentine’s sports events or even something like a craft workshop where couples can create something together.

There is a never-ending list of events you can host for Valentine’s to bring people together and to celebrate love. Think creatively,  put a twist on the traditional and don’t miss out on the chance to create something amazing – there is still plenty of time!

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