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Ticket buyers now have the option to checkout as a guest when purchasing tickets, without the need to create a Helm Tickets account. The first phase of our guest checkout functionality makes the entire purchase process faster and more streamlined, lowering further barriers to purchase. Coupled with our embed functionality, guest checkout improves the already seamless on-page process for making a lightning fast purchase.

With fewer distractions, less to do and a simple process, guest checkout provides organisers with the opportunity to boost sales through quicker conversions. Whilst buyers can still choose to create an account, the guest checkout functionality makes ticket buying more accessible for those who wish not to have accounts on every website on the internet, with little difference to the event organiser.

How does it work?

By default, all buyers will have the option to checkout as a guest, whilst being reminded they can choose to log in to an existing Helm Tickets account or create one. Ticket holder details will still be captured alongside any additional options you’ve created, meaning you still get all of the data you need to organise and run your event.

See how truly simple the guest checkout process is below:

How does it affect an organiser?

Other than increased conversions, the only real difference to an organiser is a change to how Ticket Purchaser details are displayed.

On the downloadable guest list and across order pages on the event dashboard, orders made through the guest checkout will display the purchaser as ‘Guest’ or ‘N/A’. If you find ticket purchaser details are missing from your guest list, you can cross reference this with a new column on the download titled ‘Checked out as a guest’.

This will confirm whether or not guest checkout was used, so not only can you be sure all data was captured correctly but you can also see how the guest checkout facility boosts sales!

Whether you want to increase conversions your website with a quicker way of buying tickets or you’d like to be able to quickly sell tickets at events or on the go, the guest checkout feature should make it even easier to manage ticket sales for organisers, whilst improving the ticket buying experience for attendees.

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