Earth Hour 2019

Mar 29, 2019 | Featured

8:30pm (in your local time) on Saturday 30th March is Earth Hour. This is a climate change initiative aimed at raising awareness of how much electricity we use. Millions of people will be turning off their lights to mark it. It’s also a good opportunity to stop using electronic devices like computers, iPads, and TVs.

But the idea behind Earth Hour is that we think about how we use energy during the rest of the year. With that in mind, here are some ideas for how to make your events more sustainable and incentivise your attendees to go green:


  • Offer discounts to attendees using QR codes or mobile tickets instead of printing (or alternatively, charge extra for printed tickets). If you use Helm Tickets, all tickets are paperless and online. This can save you paying for printing costs too!


  • Take deposits for reusable cups if you provide drinks. This encourages people to return them at the end of the event, saving on wastage, and reducing your clearing up costs

  • Offer free tap water for attendees using reusable bottles instead of plastic


  • Make it easy to recycle by having clear labels about what types of waste can go where, and having easily accessible bins throughout the event


  • Offer incentives or discounts for car sharing or using public transport (if your venue is easily accessible). For example, you could offer priority car parking for cars with more than 2 people. Contact train companies, as they often give discounts for attendees of large events

Go green and host your sustainable events with Helm Tickets!

Jess Cope | Employee Experience Manager

Jess has a varied background – she studied Modern Languages, then moved into web content editing and now works to make sure Helm is a great place to work.


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