Discount codes: New and improved

Discount codes are a great way to nurture your relationship with an attendee. Whether it’s a repeat guest whose loyalty you want to reward with complimentary tickets or to encourage conversions with automatic discounts based on the number of tickets in a basket, our new and improved discount code functionality allows organisers to create special offers with added flexibility and functionality.

As with all of our features, we’re giving control back to the event organiser. Discount codes are a great way to improve and customise the buying experience for your customers and our updated tool provides a variety of ways to offer special pricing.

Why use discount codes?

The previous version of our discount code tool allowed you to create discounts and select which tickets the code is valid for – the new tool blows this out of the water!

You can now create discounts that will automatically apply to the basket. For example, you could create a code that gives anyone purchasing two tickets, 50% off. Perhaps you’d like to encourage group orders? You could apply a monetary discount if 10+ tickets are added to the customer’s basket.

You can also now limit the number of times a code can be used overall. For example, you could provide a discount to the first 5 people who purchase a pair of tickets. Marketing techniques like this can encourage customers to buy their tickets early and right then and there, rather than putting it off until a later date.

If you’ve got some VIPs you want to give special treatment to, create a personalised, one use code for their order. Not only will you be keeping them happy, you’ll also be encouraging them to commit to attending.

These are a few simple examples of the possibilities with the new functionality, but you could transform your marketing strategies using special codes, limited time offers and personalised discounts.

How does it work?

How you create a discount code remains just as straightforward as before:

  • Simply head to your event’s dashboard and go to the ‘Discount Codes’ page

  • From here you can access the enhanced ‘Add a Discount Code’ tool

All of the existing functionality remains and the process for creating one is familiar. Within seconds, you can create a variety of special offers for your event!

Start and end dates are also now optional, so you can choose whether a code is indefinitely valid or not!

How does it affect an organiser?

As well as the added functionality, we’ve overhauled how discounts work to make it easier for you to track where they’ve been used. From the orders page, you can quickly see how many times a discount code has been used and easily identify your most successful offers and campaigns.

If you’re interested in viewing who’s used a specific code, you can now search by discount code on the Orders Page.

Discount Codes - Helm Tickets

The new discount code creator

The improvements to the discount code functionality are part of our ongoing efforts to provide flexible tools to help you increase attendance, ticket sales and generally alleviate the pressures of event admin. The improved tool will hopefully inspire you to create enticing offers for your attendees to ensure they keep attending!

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