5 tips for a great staff Christmas event

You may be wondering if it’s worth hosting a Christmas event for your staff this year. It’s already November and everything will be booked up. It’ll be expensive. Doesn’t everyone hate the Christmas party anyway?

We’re here to change your mind, make it a breeze to organise and help you make it a great success.

Christmas parties or events are primarily a way to thank your staff. They may not all look forward to going, but they’ll likely feel unappreciated if you don’t organise any kind of event for them.

Parties also offer a safer space for your team to bond, and enjoy getting to know each other. Work friendships are crucial in maintaining employee morale, so grab as many chances to cultivate these as possible.

People let their guard down out of the office (especially if alcohol is involved!), and you might just get some more honest conversation about how your team is feeling if you chat in a social setting.

If you’re in a bigger organisation, there’s also an opportunity to get to know colleagues you might not work closely with or know that well. This might sound daunting to some, but you could just meet your new work best friend while you bond over the Christmas pudding!

Plus, Christmas parties can actually be really fun if you do them right. (We promise!)  

So if we’ve convinced you to hold a party, how can you make it a success?

1) Use Helm Tickets!

We had to start with this one. Of course we’re biased, but using Helm Tickets really can help your event run more smoothly. We used it for our own Christmas party, and having grappled with unwieldy spreadsheets in a previous job, it was a refreshingly simple way to record who had RSVP’d and what they wanted to eat. It also means all the information is in one place and everyone can check what they ordered instead of bothering you about it!

You can use our ‘additional options’ feature to ask for any extra information from your guests you might need, e.g. food or drink preferences, medical information, or even who they’d like to sit with!

You can also embed the ticket sales into your internal staff website, or intranet, making it easier for staff to find it.

And you can mark your events as private, so there’s no worries about having anyone you didn’t invite turn up.

2) Think about who your colleagues are

This’ll probably be easier if you’re a smaller company, but think about your company culture and the people you work with. Do you have people with family commitments who need to be home at a certain time? Do you have a lot of non-drinkers? Do you have people with specific dietary requirements? (There’s nothing worse than being left hungry at a Christmas party because you’re a vegetarian and they took you to a steakhouse!)

Here at Helm we’re a bit unconventional, so we knew our office party had to be something with a bit of a difference. We love the ocean, good food, and a dancefloor (or some of us do!) and we’re based in Britain’s Ocean City, so Plymouth’s National Marine Aquarium seemed an obvious solution. Matching people’s interests to your plans will make people look forward to it, rather than try and make excuses not to attend.



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3) Consider how best to spend your budget

Ideally you’ll always have a budget for a Christmas party, even if it’s a small one, as it’s a great way to show staff they’re appreciated. But it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Once again, we’d suggest thinking about what’s important to your team – for example, they might not care about the location, as long as you buy the drinks, or they might prefer you to splash out on a better location but are happy to buy their own food. This decision may also be dependent on where in the world you are, of course, as some cities are decidedly pricier than others!

If you use Helm for your event, you can ask employees to pay when buying a ticket, or add separate prices to meal and drink options and easily check who has paid and who to chase!

Of course, you can also offer free tickets through our platform, as we’re flexible for whatever type of event you’re hosting.

4)  Consider the little details

The best events we’ve been to are those where everything has been thought through and is personal to your team. This will obviously depend on the nature of your event, but it’s easy to add some small but individual touches.

Larger companies who can stretch to exclusive hire of a place can go all out, but even smaller organisations can put some thought into seating plans, table decorations, the playlist or even party favours. Your team will appreciate the effort you’ve put in to make it more relevant to them.

5)  Think outside the box!

Maybe your Christmas party doesn’t actually have to be a Christmas party at all. As we recommended in tip 2, think about who your colleagues are and what they’d actually enjoy doing. What sort of atmosphere do you want to create?

Not everyone is keen on eating turkey, getting drunk or dancing ‘til dawn, so why not consider Christmas craft making, an off-site activity day, or even something more traditional like carol singing?

If you’d like to organise your event through Helm Tickets, please click here.

Happy planning!

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